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Good Lucky Technology Limited(GLT)manufactures various of Printed Circuit Board(PCB)from 1~14layers,Rigid Prototype up to 22layers, which the technology capabaility covers Half PTH/Blind & Buried  Vias/ HDI/Countersink/Impedance Control. 3.5mil space/line, Heavy copper, and our longest PCB for LED is 1500mm. Flex PCB up to 2layers. our main PCB laminate comes from China famous brand such as ShengYi, KingBoard, ITEQ, ILM and so on,special material includingRogers/Arlon/Nelco/Taconic/Isola/Panasonic/TUC/Metal base;Material including FR-1/CEM-1/FR-4/Aluminum PCB. and we also produce frame stencils and frameless stencils within 12working hours...

As a high-mix low-volume PCB supplier. we accept MOQ 1pcs to big volume PCB order.Fast running service not only for prototype, also mass production. prototype 2layer can be fabricated within 24hours,4layers within 48hours; 6layers within 72hours; Incon Terms including FCA/FOB/CIF/DAP whatever you think convenient..

Our main market focuses on ODM/OEM and EMS/CEM around the whole world,PCB also can be fabricated even if no Gerber files if only PCB boards provided, our CAM engineer who can make it reality accordingly, and this copy charge is totally free if only order can be guranatted;our customers on optimizing pricing,quality and delivery for every board.

UL No E487151



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